Where to Get a  COVID-19 Vaccine

The Ohio Department of Health has a new website page listing all hospitals, pharmacies, and other sites where the  COVID-19 vaccine is offered.

At https://vaccine.coronavirus.ohio.gov, people can search by county, ZIP code, and site name for a location.

Discount Drug Mart is one of  86 sites in Cuyahoga County where residents can get a free COVID-19 vaccine.   Here’s the link to register for a FREE COVID-19 vaccine at Drug Mart

More sites will be added to the list when vaccine supplies increase.

The ZIP codes where there are no sites will not come up in the search, and people will have to search nearby ZIP codes.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) has set up a  page on its website where people can register to be notified when they are eligible to get a vaccination.

You can register to be notified here and find more information on this CCBH page

Residents who need assistance registering should call Community Services at 216-524-7373.

If the CCBH asks the City to dispense vaccines, Mayor Kurtz will communicate with residents as quickly as possible via the SwiftReach phone alerts and his Weekly Update email.