Residential Information

A Building Department permit is required any time there is an addition, alteration, repair or construction to your home or accessory structure. Permits are necessary for most home improvements or additions, so that the Building Department may inspect the job for safety, zoning compliance and sound construction practices. The City of Independence does require all contractors to be registered with the City prior to doing any work. 

The following is a sample list of the types of residential projects that would require a permit:
  • alterations

  • decks

  • lawn sprinkler systems

  • additions

  • demolition

  • plumbing

  • air conditioning

  • driveways

  • swimming pools

  • accessory buildings

  • electrical

  • water heaters

  • change of grade

  • fences

  • roofs

  • curb cutting

  • foundations

  • windows

Access the Residential Downloadable Permits here. You can also find permits for garage sales and auto sales at this link.